25 Easiest Languages in the World

Are you into learning new languages and expanding your knowledge? Have you ever wondered what the easiest language to learn is? Well, you have come to the right place as we are about to showcase you the easiest languages to learn, starting with the hardest ones and going all the way to the easiest ones.

These are the 25 Easiest Languages in the World you can start learning today:

#25 – Standard Mandarin

Also known as Standard Chinese, Standard Mandarin is a language that is extremely difficult to learn for native English speakers and other people. That’s because this language is unlike any other language in the world.

Standard Mandarin is the official language in Taiwan, China, and Singapore. It is considered as the most widespread language in the world as it is spoken by one billion people. It is a complex language as it is based on tones and a complicated Subject-Verb-Object order of words.