25 Best Things to do in Singapore

Singapore is a hustling and bustling metropolis that is often overlooked by world travelers because of the city’s infamous priciness. However, every buck you might spend in Singapore will be worth everything as this urban city has everything in the offer to keep you entertained.

From Singapore’s mystic Chinatown to the world’s largest infinity pools, these are the 25 Best Things to do in Singapore:

#25 – MacRitchie Reservoir Park

This reservoir park in Singapore is known for two things. The first thing MacRitchie Reservoir Park is known for is that it is a beautiful landscape while the second thing it is known for is that it is incredibly hard to walk to.

If you love challenges, we recommend you to walk on the park’s Tree Top Walk. Tree Top Walk is basically a suspension bridge that connects MacRitchie’s two highest points. It gives tourists a splendid view of forest canopy and wildlife.